Schedule 10 as Rolled Grooved End

Category : Fire Pipe

Grooved pipes provide an economical and efficient method of joining pipe in mechanical building sevices. 

The grooved piping system joins together two pipe ends by using a coupling that is seated in grooves at the end of each pipe. When the coupling is assembled, the coupling keys engage the grooves around the circumference of both pipes, providing a secure connection.

There are two types of grooving: roll grooving and cut grooving. Roll grooving uses a special machine that rotates the end of a pipe through a roll set, displacing the metal and forming a groove on the outside surface of the pipe. Roll grooving can be accomplished on carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.

  • Gasket Seating Surface must be free from score marks, ridges, indentations, projections, loose paint, scale, dirt chips, grease, and rust that would prevent a positive seal.
  • Groove Diameter must be uniform depth around the circumfer- ence of the pipe.
  • Maximum allowable pipe end flare diameter is measured at the pipe end diameter (roll grooved pipe only).